New Invictus Platinum by Paco Rabbane

Invictus Platinum, the new eau de parfum is made for those who always meet the challenge.

A powerful expression of Invictus, a new winning momentum. challenging the ultimate achievers, who gets back up and find the motivation to never give up.

Signed by Paco Rabanne, Invictus is the he embodiment of man in all his power.


Romantic Fragrances to Gift

Romantic fragrances are often built around a floral bouquet or a single flower. We’ve made a list of the all time favourites.

Oud Cambodi

Oud Cambodi is Agarwood from Cambodia and is a luxury scent used in palaces. With a traditional Cambodian profile: sweet and deep woody with a light floral touch, Oud Cambodi’s heavy smokiness and woody scent is it’s signature and distinguishes it from the rest.

Feel the sense of acceptance with Oud Cambodi! Embrace the precious blend that makes you feel powerful and unstoppable.

Oud Sticks

Indulge in the luxurious world of Oud, the most exquisite fragrance to own.


Alcohol-Free Perfumes

Explore the new range of alcohol-free and water-based perfumes. Experience the versatility of water-based fragrances and fall in love with these long lasting and rich scents.

Abaya Perfumes –┬ánot just for Abaya!

Explore the new range of perfumes for abayas and uplift your mood instantly while leaving a lasting impression.

Abaya Perfumes are not only just for Abayas!

These perfumes are 100% alcohol free and versatile, they can be used for any type of fabric. Since they are water-based, they wont leave any stains and can be applied without a worry for a long lasting scent.


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