All you need to know about water-based Perfumes!

Alcohol Free Fragrance

Unlike mainstream perfumes which are alcohol based and usually mixed with denatured alcohol or ethanol, water-based perfumes are 100% alcohol free. In water-based perfumes, the perfume oil is mixed with distilled water to create the fragrance.

Water based perfumes create an overarching atmosphere of all-natural, soft-spoken fragrance, and they’re a top pick for anyone looking to ditch the alcohol inclusion in their perfume and go for a more natural route.

Water-based perfumes are delicate alcohol-free alternative for sensitive skin and made for all. A soft formula that won’t dry out the skin over time causing irritations or breakouts. The pure water- based formula keep the skin hydrated and leave a pleasant fresh feeling on the skin. A water-based fragrance is kinder to your skin and hair, ever so slightly more refreshing, definitely more hydrating, and more delicate in its linger.

Not too Over-powering!

We have all met someone who wears too much perfume, and the scent ends up taking over the whole room. Water-based perfumes are made for people who prefer the simpler things in life.

The lack of alcohol in water-based perfumes mean that each scent’s intended fragrance is fully realised upon spritzing and settling into the skin, rather than transforming into something you might not have committed to at first whiff. From the first mist, all the facets of each note appear. You won’t have to wait for the alcohol to evaporate, and the perfume will smell just like it says it will. They have a clean, fresh scent that isn’t too overpowering and often smell better.

Any perfume, cologne, eau de parfum or eau de toilette which contains alcohol is considered to be a ‘dangerous good’. As ethanol is a highly flammable substance, should your bottle of perfume become damaged in transit or leak from its packaging, it could pose a serious fire risk if exposed to a flame. Water-based perfumes are safer to travel with and to keep at home, especially if there are kids around.


Contrary to what one might believe, water-based perfumes offer long-lasting and full-bodied fragrances. Water-based perfumes offer longevity as an eau de parfum that can easily be worn all day and into the evening (containing an oil concentration of 15%).


Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Unlike alcohol, water is a very non-invasive chemical for the human body and is much gentler and easier on the skin. It avoids the most common ingredients used in perfumes: denatured alcohol, SD alcohol, and ethyl alcohol. Their harsh nature can dry out and strip your skin of moisture over time, leading to skin irritation and breakouts. Water-based perfumes are safer for a wider group of consumers and make the ideal scent option for sensitive skin.


Water-based perfumes can be safely applied on the skin as well as hair, clothes and many other fabrics. Applying on clothing leads to long lasting results without staining.

How to Apply Water Based Perfumes?

Water-based perfume applies quickly and gently to the skin. Unlike alcohol based perfumes, where it is necessary to wait for a certain amount of time for absorption and has to be applied in larger dosages throughout the day as the alcohol evaporates quickly, water-based perfumes bond with the skin instantly to give way to a long lasting scent.

Water-based perfumes are typically packaged, sprayed, and worn just like any other perfume. Simply apply a spritz to your wrists, chest, and optionally, the area between your side and underarm.

Water-based scents make for good non-drying hair perfumes. Applying a small amount of perfume to the hair is a surprisingly effective way to retain the fragrance for longer, and have it released throughout the day in a non-overwhelming, unassuming way.

Since water-based perfumes do not stain fabric, they can safely be sprayed on your clothing for long lasting results.

When worn on pulse points, areas of high body heat, and commonly moved-around body parts, you’re optimizing the scent potential for the perfume applied. Just make sure you don’t use too much of it!